Tuesday, August 26, 2014

inspirational thoughts // the beauty of maths?

hi girls,

i still remembered the other days my teacher told us that common test for statistics was the week after that. "test" word made me tension and frustrated and anxious..and honestly, test is not for me..and we are not friends at all.each times calculation classes started,i got myself sour skittles to stay awake and paid attentions..

on that weekend,i tried to study and memorize hard on the formula and the theory parts.i did several times on the calculation just to make sure i knew the steps.in the middle of this practice,i cried few times,i frustrated for few minutes..of course, my man saw this situation and he laughed to himself but did helped me little bits.well, he is expert in maths.

i'm not scare of anything theory,but terrified in anything practical especially maths..calculations,formulas,steps made me gone crazy! 

i wonder how mathematician survive? 

xoxo great weekend ahead

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