Tuesday, August 19, 2014

imagination // owning a tree house

*images from pinterest*

i still remembered our family own a piece of land behind our house. my dad used to plant different trees and plants on that piece of land. and i still remembered there was huge mango tree standing firmly on that piece of small land..and that mango tree produced mangoes each year during those "mango season"..

as the eldest amongst the siblings,i helped to pick up dried clothes from the balcony each days.from the balcony i can viewed this mango tree clearly.i used to stand there for hours to imagine that i built a tree house on that mango tree..

as a kid, i imagined the tree house is a secret place for my barbie dolls, a personal play room..and a place to escape from my parents.

as a teenage, i still imagined the tree house is a place for me to hold a small party for close friends, sleepover with bff, a place to date with my boyfriend, a place for me to hide from examination period.

now, as a working adult, i still imagined the tree house is my cozy room to find peace, to relax my mind from work stress, to escape from busy city..

different age i found different imaginations..and i love imagining these moments.and these wild imagination will continue forever..but now,i will continue imagine i'm the owner of the tree house.

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Ice Pandora said...

A show at National Geographics
called 'Treemaster' and it's
basically a show about treehouses
and how it's build c: I'd love
to own one someday!