Wednesday, August 6, 2014

daiso: eyelash glue (black)

yesterday i went to daiso to grab something for my bath session. surprisingly i had never expected daiso to sell eyelash glue.indeed surprised!! i'm a girl who is wearing fake eyelashes to work daily..without them i felt terribly naked as single eyelids are nightmares to me least fake eyelashes did helped a little..guess what? i bought it immediately and tried it out this morning.

i bought black glue as it did gave double functions as eyeliner and glue. the stick brush is harder but it did not affected me during application glue to the lashes. i let the glue to dry a little bit before putting it on my eyelids, and it did great without giving me much troubles.

the glue can managed to stay on my eyelids for almost 6 hours..i had oily eyelids, and i thought that the glue went off might because of the oil. i had to re-applied after that but it went off again.overall, i re-applied the glue for three times in between another two hours (lucky,i did brought the glue for stand-by purpose)

ratings from me:
6 out of 10.. well,i can't expect much since the glue was only $2!! for six hours,of course..

will i buy again?:
yes, i will but i only will use this glue whenever i go out for a short time only..

see ya,girls!

p.s. sorry,this girl had being little un-inspired lately to blog..but that blogging spirit is returning.


Thikrayat Al-aradi said...

I bought the clear one, but I had trouble with it getting inside my eye when I apply the lashes, does that happen with you too? am I doing something wrong?

- Thikrayat

jose lovincolors said...

Hi Thikrayat,

Thanks for your comment. I did understand the frustration that you faced as i went through that stage too. well, what i did was try not blink while applying fake lashes and you may need to close of the eye while applying too.

Hope i may help you a bit here :)