Tuesday, August 26, 2014

inspirational thoughts // the beauty of maths?

hi girls,

i still remembered the other days my teacher told us that common test for statistics was the week after that. "test" word made me tension and frustrated and anxious..and honestly, test is not for me..and we are not friends at all.each times calculation classes started,i got myself sour skittles to stay awake and paid attentions..

on that weekend,i tried to study and memorize hard on the formula and the theory parts.i did several times on the calculation just to make sure i knew the steps.in the middle of this practice,i cried few times,i frustrated for few minutes..of course, my man saw this situation and he laughed to himself but did helped me little bits.well, he is expert in maths.

i'm not scare of anything theory,but terrified in anything practical especially maths..calculations,formulas,steps made me gone crazy! 

i wonder how mathematician survive? 

xoxo great weekend ahead

Saturday, August 23, 2014

yesterday night i was bloated with snow crabs

yesterday night i was bloated..

full of snow crabs..

i ate too much during buffet dinner session with my colleagues.

but the dinner was fun and merry.once i entered the corporate world,i have a sense that i have lesser friends compared to high school moments.sometimes my phone not even ringing for a day or two except my family and the mister called/whatapps. and i don't even get any tag from anyone for the ice challenge bucket too..(i don't wish to be tag too)..i don't mind to donate
i believe that co-workers can be best friends too (am i right?) we spent more than 8 hours together daily for 5.5 days every week..we faces each others, attending discussions & meetings together, sometimes may face difficulties & problems and may caused misunderstands..but everything will be over once we clocked out at 6pm.

yesterday was farewell dinner for elise. she's the ony girl in office who came from same hometown as i did, and she's the only one that i can communicate through our native language (while others can't understand what we talk about). yes, and she resigns for better future.i'm going to miss her..terribly.

good luck girl.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

imagination // owning a tree house

*images from pinterest*

i still remembered our family own a piece of land behind our house. my dad used to plant different trees and plants on that piece of land. and i still remembered there was huge mango tree standing firmly on that piece of small land..and that mango tree produced mangoes each year during those "mango season"..

as the eldest amongst the siblings,i helped to pick up dried clothes from the balcony each days.from the balcony i can viewed this mango tree clearly.i used to stand there for hours to imagine that i built a tree house on that mango tree..

as a kid, i imagined the tree house is a secret place for my barbie dolls, a personal play room..and a place to escape from my parents.

as a teenage, i still imagined the tree house is a place for me to hold a small party for close friends, sleepover with bff, a place to date with my boyfriend, a place for me to hide from examination period.

now, as a working adult, i still imagined the tree house is my cozy room to find peace, to relax my mind from work stress, to escape from busy city..

different age i found different imaginations..and i love imagining these moments.and these wild imagination will continue forever..but now,i will continue imagine i'm the owner of the tree house.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

singapore: fountain of wealth // sunset

hi girls,guess what?

normally, we rode our bike and passed by this area often but i swear, i'm not a person who really care what is happening or standing nearby whenever we passed them..till yesterday.

i found a very special location yesterday (insert *proud face* please) while my man and i were on our way to the flea market located in suntec city convention hall 404. we passed by this spot called "fountain of wealth"..and found this beauty of the fountain under sunset lighting..

and the amazing fact, this fountain is listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the largest fountain in the world!! and i found it here in singapore. i was very excited that i discovered new place though i had being staying in singapore for almost 5 years..unfortunately i did not bring my digital camera alone.hence, iphone was in charge of the duty even it did not did any justice to the beauty of the fountain + sunset's light surrounding.

i'm sure i will come again with my digital camera to snap the beauty of the fountain.

information about fountain of wealth>here

Saturday, August 9, 2014

workstation tour

i was hoping to do this post months ago,but works and school had made me gone superb crazy.sorry for the delays..i managed to snap some photos of my workplace the other days when i stayed late to wait my man finished his undone works.
i always thought that i should decorated my workplace to a more fun and colorful place as i stayed at this area for more than 8 hours daily (except weekends though). works can be superb stressed on daily basis,sometimes some issues can made me unbreathable. so,colorful theme had my mind now..and sorry for the documents stackup.
i had a group of hello kitty collections.i got it during promotion in mcdonalds.i really adore hello kitty,though some may thought that they are ugly.they made me felt peaceful and happy mood.
love my desktop background? i got it from someone blog..and i can't even remembered which blog.this girl had superb great skill in photography.and the desktop background made me smile everytime i looked at them.
my ex-colleague donated her smurfs to me before her last day in this company.i made them standing on the divider :)
whenever my colleagues went for vacations,they always brought back key chain..here are a bunches of key chains from different part of world

i got this miniature hello kitty few weeks ago.my colleagues went to batam and bought it as souvenirs for me.everyone knew i love hello kitty.
on my right, this are all the stackup documents..or i can just call it unfinished works.
and this cpu.. i recreated it to become my notice board.all the notes and emergency details can be found here.and some magnets from colleagues too..
behind me,i hang all the photos that i snapped with my colleagues and ex-colleagues..don't you think they are cute? whenever my colleagues came and looked up for me,they always will bend down and looked at the photos..such a memories.

this is a small corner that i will cherish for sometimes..hope you enjoy reading this post.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

daiso: eyelash glue (black)

yesterday i went to daiso to grab something for my bath session. surprisingly i had never expected daiso to sell eyelash glue.indeed surprised!! i'm a girl who is wearing fake eyelashes to work daily..without them i felt terribly naked as single eyelids are nightmares to me sometimes.at least fake eyelashes did helped a little..guess what? i bought it immediately and tried it out this morning.

i bought black glue as it did gave double functions as eyeliner and glue. the stick brush is harder but it did not affected me during application glue to the lashes. i let the glue to dry a little bit before putting it on my eyelids, and it did great without giving me much troubles.

the glue can managed to stay on my eyelids for almost 6 hours..i had oily eyelids, and i thought that the glue went off might because of the oil. i had to re-applied after that but it went off again.overall, i re-applied the glue for three times in between another two hours (lucky,i did brought the glue for stand-by purpose)

ratings from me:
6 out of 10.. well,i can't expect much since the glue was only $2!! for six hours,of course..

will i buy again?:
yes, i will but i only will use this glue whenever i go out for a short time only..

see ya,girls!

p.s. sorry,this girl had being little un-inspired lately to blog..but that blogging spirit is returning.