Friday, July 18, 2014

may sunshine bring back laughter to the world

today i wake up with a devastating news..i guess most people did had the same feelings like me.
MH17 had being shot down by missile. MH370 have yet to be found and now another incident happened in the same airlines.i definitely felt the pain of the victims' families. and i felt sorry for their loss. no one can replace their loves one.

this case had once again alarmed me..i don't know what will happen to me or to someone i know..i need to appreciate them more.because of hectic schedules,i had being complaining a lots lately.i should feel grateful for what i own now and complaint less while appreciating more.

let us pray for the loss and hope that tomorrow's sunshine may cure their pain and bring back the laughter to the world.

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1 comment :

Ice Pandora said...

It's real tragic :c And I am
a person that enjoys flying!
My heart goes to the victims
and family Xx