Tuesday, July 15, 2014

daily style: "a little walk"

few weekends ago, my man and i went out for "a little walk" after dinner at 4fingers. at the roof-top of the shopping mall, there is a small theme-park for families..we walked around and snapped photos just like other families did except we don't have to take care of kids..too many kids running around making me nervous!

both of us did talked a lot about kids lately..i had being bothered by ton of questions asking when i'm going to get pregnant..we love babies!! but, both of us agreed this is not yet the right time for us to have baby yet..but this won't stop us from visiting theme park..

happy tuesday!!


top: bysi//denim short: h&m//loafers:rubi


libys11 said...

that's a fantastic place to walk around. so cool!! :D

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his little lady said...

What? This place is fabulous!!
xo TJ