Sunday, July 13, 2014

bio-essence: tanaka white 4x intensive white serum & double whitening cream

as an Asian, i faced a lot of skin of my biggest concern is UNEVEN SKIN TONE! i will never ever go outdoor without any foundation on face due to this matter.

whenever i stopped by local drugstores or beauty counters,i always searching for new products to help in those problems.recently i came across bio-essence tanaka white. as a "picky consumer", i think the product's appearance/packaging should attract me first. and guess what, bio-essence tanaka white have the elegant and high-class packaging which gave me huge confident in trying this brand.
i had being given a chance to try out 4x intensive white serum & double whitening cream. still, don't you think the bottles are the prettiest one? i read some information about the main ingredients which is tanaka. tanaka is a type of tree grown in central myanmar and adored by local ladies as traditional whitening secret for more than 2000 years.

tanaka white 4x intensive white serum is the star product in this range. it is new formulated and specially blended with traditional and modern ingredients. beside tanaka extract, it consisted of alpha-arbutin (an whitening ingredient that is 9x more powerful than beta-arbutin). it helps to fight and treat dark spots,freckles and uneven skin more effectively while give more fairer and smooth skin to consumers.

double whitening day cream comes with SPF 20 (extra bonus for me!!) which help to protect skin from harmful UV rays. tanaka white shields skin from external pollutants, keeps skin cool and moisturized. it also contains Tranexamic Acid to significantly brighten and even out skin tone.

me, myself had being trying both products since a week ago.i absolutely have positive opinions on these two products.and this is the non-edit photo of before & after:
my skin definitely had being improving a lots here.before this,i had a few acne scars above my eyebrow...i applied serum everyday before day cream and before night cream for beauty sleep, and reapplied second layers on the targeted areas.hence after a week, the scares had being slightly lighten up.

i applied day cream before my foundation daily skin is definitely more even and more moisturized & hydrated than before.amazing results! the most important is that day cream is not greasy at all!!!

girls, wish to try out yourself?

you can grab free samples from Bio-essence Singapore Facebook (remember to click "like") >> here 

you can purchase from Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, personal beauty stored and major supermarkets or Sasa outlets

Products available in the new Tanaka White range:
Tanaka White Double Whitening Cleansing Foam 100g/ $10.80
Tanaka White Double Whitening Clarifying Softener 100ml/ $16.80
Tanaka White 4X Intensive White Serum 30ml/ $45.80
Tanaka White Ultimate Whitening & All Spot Fading Cream 25g/ $38.00
Tanaka White Double Whitening Cream SPF20 50g/ $29.80
Tanaka White Double Whitening Renewal Night Cream 50g/ $29.80

*this post is sponsored by Sample & Bio-essence but all the opinions above are by my own*

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