Thursday, June 26, 2014

sometimes girls' talk can be fun too..

*image from pinterest*

i just came backed from dinner with my girlfriend aka colleague..we had pizza as dinner. i feel so refreshing now after having chit-chat session with her.

we talked a lots..extremely a lots.well, she did the talking much more than me.we gossiped, chit-chat about friends,relationships,work and families.she even told me about her past stories..about her ex-boyfriend who had passed away due to accident..i can saw corner of her eyes with little tears..

suddenly my mind flew to mh370 flight which had disappeared since early march. the whole total of 227 passengers missing without any trace..what i can think about now is life is unpredictable..i won't know what will happen to me next second..

when i reached home,i gave my man the biggest hugs and kissed him hundred times!!

this round, girls' talk slightly negative but both of us changed topics after that and we laughed hysterically after that about something silly..

tonight is a good night!



Ice Pandora said...

It's nice to share good but also
sad stories with your closest
friends. Of course no convo with
food right c;

//REPLY: I've read 'P.S. I love
You'! One of my favorite novels
really, cried like twice :P Xx

By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Aw, I love going out for dinner with my girlfriends. Those talks are always so therapeutic and put me in a fabulous mood. And so crazy that the plane just vanished... I hope they figure out what the heck happened!! Happiest weekend, lovey!! xoxo

PS Corn sushi? I've never had it, it sounds so good!! <3