Monday, June 16, 2014

happy parent's day

hi gals,

how's your weekend? i spent my weekend with half of my family (half means some siblings can't join us) and parents too for my sister's graduation (details to come).

unfortunately, i'm not around on mother's day but luckily i can made it on father's day. hence, i planned to celebrate both as one..parent's day. sound cool,right? my sisters and i bought presents for both of them and we ate a lots during the weekend.

dad and mum scarified a lots of their time and energy on their children. i still remembered,they worked more than 10 hours daily just to provide good environments for me and my siblings.both of them are not high educations,but they never gave up on their hopes to provide knowledge to us.whenever we had bad times,they will be the first one to encourage and gave positive powers to us.they are the examples that i really need to learn and use it on my future child.

i'm really glad that i did managed to spend quality times with them on the weekend.

happy parent's day!! xo

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trishie said...

Love that you've taken the time to celebrate both mother and father's day!!! You're a good girl and your parents must be so happy to have you.