Sunday, June 22, 2014

graduation for the new educator

last weekend,my second sister graduated from her bachelor degree in teaching programs. my whole family were proud to have a teacher in our family's group, especially my parents. in our town, every eldest believe that working as a teacher is consider a very good job and bright future!

ever since she joined the degree course, she talked and communicated like a professional teacher. she gave plenty of positive advices in her educator's views whenever she seen sometimes she thought was wrong or against the rules (school rules)..sometimes, we even joked "our future teacher started to nag again" in front of our families. she never took it seriously though..

time flies, and now she had graduated and started her work in an elementary school in east malaysia..far far away from our homeland. on some weekend, i will travel to visit her too.

her study's path may not seem easy and sometimes she hit the "hard paths", but she faced them bravely. and she truly inspired me with her positive attitude.

she may not read this post, but i still want to wish "good luck, my baby sister" !!



his little lady said...

Aw, congrats to your sister for graduating!! :)
xo TJ

trishie said...

Congrats to your sister!! You must be so proud