Tuesday, June 24, 2014

daily style: ...and tuesdate happened..

..and tuesdate for both of u

..both of us skipped gym session just to enjoy tuesdate

..for dinner, we ate subway sandwiches..i had egg mayo (extra onions) and he had spicy italian. both of us are subway's lovers and we can eat subway everyday! i know,crazy..

..sandwiches were not enough for us, so we went to buy bread with my $10 voucher. i was surprised with $10, i got a full bag of different flavor breads.i gave some to my owner's son though.

..we went home by public transport and we chit-chat all the way home.we seldom got the chance taking bus together as my man rides most of his time.some conversations always good for relationships.

..and we decided to end our night by watching movie


peplum: padini // skirt: g2000


Ice Pandora said...

Sounds like a relaxing tuesdate :P
I love Subway as well! Unfortunate,
our nearest Subway went bankrupt and
had to close this one down :c
Anyway cute top btw! Xx

libys11 said...

that's a lovely top!! :) sounds like you had a nice time :)

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