Sunday, June 1, 2014

asience: treatment hair mask

hey girls,

how's ya doing? in this post,i'm going to share with you all girls out there about my secret to hair beauty.i did admit that i don't own a healthy hair,but i'm definitely searching for the best products for my hair..

and recently i found one from Asience. Asience is from japan and especially created to help asian's girl like me to improve and treating damaged hair.and do you know that asian's hair tend to be 1.5 times thicker than caucasian's hair? therefore, we need some products to help penetrate deep into the hair core.
Asience treatment hair mask is a new product that will be launch in singapore at June 2014 *in fact,today is 1st June 2014..oh my gosh* this hair mask helps to moisturize and repair hair from inside-out for a smoother and healthier hair.

and guess what? with the new formulas and ingredients the effect will last up to 96 hours!! 4 days!! with just one application..truly amazing!!this was definitely long-lasting effects..

and Asience care for their consumers too. they even share the beauty tip so that every girls can get the best results.
so,let this home-girl shares the results with you all..honestly,i was amazed with the results. even my man can saw the different too.i felt my hair soften, more moisturize and more manageable throughout the day,and i did noticed that my hair was shiner than before..

the results was pretty visible,right? amazing!!!

girls, good news is that you can grab a free sample from>>>here

Asience treatment hair mask now is available at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies.
Retail price is S$18.90,180g


*this post is sponsored by Sample & Asience and all the opinions above are by my own*

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Ice Pandora said...

Omg, what a difference I can see
and tell :o It looks so smooth and
shiny and it sure tamed all the
frizzy hair c: Xx