Monday, June 30, 2014

school start today!!

*images via pinterest*

past two weeks was my school holidays!! and my first class start today..i'm so reluctant to go back to school and start my lessons.

though during this two weeks i was still working on day times,but i enjoyed to the fullest during my night times.

these were the activities i did for this two weeks:

-i hit the gym harder than before to improve my health issue.i went to medical checkup a month ago and the doctor in-charge advised me to exercise more as i had being diagnosed with early-stage hypertension.sound scary and crazy!

-girls' dinner..i can't imagine myself without these few girls in my life..they're my life therapy.

-school holidays meant vacation start..but for me there is no vacation as i still have to go to office.but i was lucky that i managed to have 3 days holiday for my sister's graduation..well,i considered this as holiday!

-i had lots and lots of dinner dates with my of them was tuesdate.

-hopped to bed really 10pm!

xo is the last day of june'14..omg! time flies..

Sunday, June 29, 2014

nivea: in-shower whitening skin conditioner

hi girls,

still remember this post? as promised,i'm going to reveal what i'm doing currently..
as a girl (working full time/studying part-time woman),i have an extremely tight schedule.i have to balance in between my work,my study,my man,my beauty time and my sleeping time.sometimes,i had to scarify my beauty time as i'm not very good in time management.
i'm so glad that i had being given a chance to try out nivea in-shower whitening skin conditioner.

before trying out,i did some research and reading to understand more about nivea's products.

"Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Whitening) is the convenient new way for-radiant soft water-like 
looking skin every day. It repairs 10 signs of dull & damaged skin while in the shower, a dream 
come true for Asian women in their pursuit of-fairer skin.This new addition is an extension to the 
success of the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner basic range launch in November 2013.
Enriched with 50x higher Vitamin C* from Camu Camu, the unique water-activated formula
 is quickly absorbed by wet skin and deeply replenishes moisture,leaving skin feeling
 hydrated and silky soft, even after towel drying."

here are a few reasons why i love this product:

1) pamper time!! i always love "bath-time moments" but whenever i spent too much time in bathroom,i felt guilty.i always felt that i can use the remaining time to do some other things rather than wasting my time in bathroom.but girls..this home-girl really love least now i have another reason why i should take longer time in bathroom..

easy steps:apply in-shower whitening skin conditioner after shower gel on the wet skin..rinse off and dry yourself. for me..i love to wait for few minutes doing some massaging and rubbing before i rinse off the lotion. believe me,your skin would be smoother!!

2)i'm a lazy girl..i had a few lotions on the racks but i not even applying them..sometimes,i may just forgotten and laid down directly onto my bed..once i was on bed,i will not wake up again to apply any,i'm glad that nivea launched a solution for this girl..what?lotion-ing while taking bath?

3)i adored company that cares for their consumers..nivea's company even printed the precaution behind the bottle..reminder to consumers that the lotion may make the floor slippery,thus take care while using and remove remaining residues from floor throughout the use.

i had being using this lotion for third times in my bath..and my feeling towards it had being getting stronger and stronger..i felt that my skin was getting smoother every time after used..

and i stayed in air-conditioning room all the times,hence i have dry and slightly flaky skin sometimes.but this lotion did moisturized my skin at lots.

and this lotion smells great!! the smell make me felt more relaxed and calm after work's pressure in the day times.

girls, try this out..

available in 250ml and retails for $10.90 at NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, FairPrice Xtra, GIANT, Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy islandwide from June 2014.


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*this post is sponsored by Sample & Nivea but all the opinions above are by my own*

Thursday, June 26, 2014

sometimes girls' talk can be fun too..

*image from pinterest*

i just came backed from dinner with my girlfriend aka colleague..we had pizza as dinner. i feel so refreshing now after having chit-chat session with her.

we talked a lots..extremely a lots.well, she did the talking much more than me.we gossiped, chit-chat about friends,relationships,work and families.she even told me about her past stories..about her ex-boyfriend who had passed away due to accident..i can saw corner of her eyes with little tears..

suddenly my mind flew to mh370 flight which had disappeared since early march. the whole total of 227 passengers missing without any trace..what i can think about now is life is unpredictable..i won't know what will happen to me next second..

when i reached home,i gave my man the biggest hugs and kissed him hundred times!!

this round, girls' talk slightly negative but both of us changed topics after that and we laughed hysterically after that about something silly..

tonight is a good night!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

daily style: ...and tuesdate happened..

..and tuesdate for both of u

..both of us skipped gym session just to enjoy tuesdate

..for dinner, we ate subway sandwiches..i had egg mayo (extra onions) and he had spicy italian. both of us are subway's lovers and we can eat subway everyday! i know,crazy..

..sandwiches were not enough for us, so we went to buy bread with my $10 voucher. i was surprised with $10, i got a full bag of different flavor breads.i gave some to my owner's son though.

..we went home by public transport and we chit-chat all the way home.we seldom got the chance taking bus together as my man rides most of his time.some conversations always good for relationships.

..and we decided to end our night by watching movie


peplum: padini // skirt: g2000

Sunday, June 22, 2014

graduation for the new educator

last weekend,my second sister graduated from her bachelor degree in teaching programs. my whole family were proud to have a teacher in our family's group, especially my parents. in our town, every eldest believe that working as a teacher is consider a very good job and bright future!

ever since she joined the degree course, she talked and communicated like a professional teacher. she gave plenty of positive advices in her educator's views whenever she seen sometimes she thought was wrong or against the rules (school rules)..sometimes, we even joked "our future teacher started to nag again" in front of our families. she never took it seriously though..

time flies, and now she had graduated and started her work in an elementary school in east malaysia..far far away from our homeland. on some weekend, i will travel to visit her too.

her study's path may not seem easy and sometimes she hit the "hard paths", but she faced them bravely. and she truly inspired me with her positive attitude.

she may not read this post, but i still want to wish "good luck, my baby sister" !!



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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

*images via pinterest*

recently,i'm into sakura a lots (a lots!!)..i'm not sure why but whenever i glared at the photos,they made me felt relaxed and calm.perhaps, working life had being pretty hectic lately..

sakura make me thought about japan..i love japan and definitely would like to visit japan someday..and first thing i want to do when i reach to eat local sushi!! yummy!!

have a great tuesday! xo

Monday, June 16, 2014

happy parent's day

hi gals,

how's your weekend? i spent my weekend with half of my family (half means some siblings can't join us) and parents too for my sister's graduation (details to come).

unfortunately, i'm not around on mother's day but luckily i can made it on father's day. hence, i planned to celebrate both as one..parent's day. sound cool,right? my sisters and i bought presents for both of them and we ate a lots during the weekend.

dad and mum scarified a lots of their time and energy on their children. i still remembered,they worked more than 10 hours daily just to provide good environments for me and my siblings.both of them are not high educations,but they never gave up on their hopes to provide knowledge to us.whenever we had bad times,they will be the first one to encourage and gave positive powers to us.they are the examples that i really need to learn and use it on my future child.

i'm really glad that i did managed to spend quality times with them on the weekend.

happy parent's day!! xo

Sunday, June 1, 2014

asience: treatment hair mask

hey girls,

how's ya doing? in this post,i'm going to share with you all girls out there about my secret to hair beauty.i did admit that i don't own a healthy hair,but i'm definitely searching for the best products for my hair..

and recently i found one from Asience. Asience is from japan and especially created to help asian's girl like me to improve and treating damaged hair.and do you know that asian's hair tend to be 1.5 times thicker than caucasian's hair? therefore, we need some products to help penetrate deep into the hair core.
Asience treatment hair mask is a new product that will be launch in singapore at June 2014 *in fact,today is 1st June 2014..oh my gosh* this hair mask helps to moisturize and repair hair from inside-out for a smoother and healthier hair.

and guess what? with the new formulas and ingredients the effect will last up to 96 hours!! 4 days!! with just one application..truly amazing!!this was definitely long-lasting effects..

and Asience care for their consumers too. they even share the beauty tip so that every girls can get the best results.
so,let this home-girl shares the results with you all..honestly,i was amazed with the results. even my man can saw the different too.i felt my hair soften, more moisturize and more manageable throughout the day,and i did noticed that my hair was shiner than before..

the results was pretty visible,right? amazing!!!

girls, good news is that you can grab a free sample from>>>here

Asience treatment hair mask now is available at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies.
Retail price is S$18.90,180g


*this post is sponsored by Sample & Asience and all the opinions above are by my own*