Thursday, May 1, 2014

singapore: astons at sentosa gateway

hello ladies,

my man and i did not cook as we only rented a room,which did not include cooking facilities. both of us had to eat outside daily and sometimes we just fed-up of food. i miss my mum's home-cooked meals now.. man and i are a very big fan of western food.and we found astons selling western food in a high quality at very very affordable prices.yes,we don't usually paid much for food,therefore we had to find cheap prices but in good tastes. and astons made it!!
i still remembered first time trying out astons was in a very old coffee shop.but now they had being upgrading themselves to restaurants.good jobs!! they serve varieties of food from fishes to chickens and beefs and spaghetti too. i'm a big fan of their fish & chips..oh,and their side dishes were delicious too. potatoes salads and mashed potatoes are my fav!! yummy yummy!!

if you happen to stop by singapore or passing by astons, please try out.highly recommended!!

they own a webpage>>here

xoxo happy first may

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Marisa Noelle said...

I am hungry now! :-) This place look delicious. If only I lived in Singapore, hehe.