Sunday, May 25, 2014

it's my birthday today..29th officially..

hi lovelies,

today is my 29th birthday..and this is my last year to celebrate my age of twenties before 30s' come.and 30 sounds scary!

times really flies fast than i can a blink of eyes,i'm officially 29 now.

my man celebrated my birthday yesterday as he went outstation for work today.we went to eat at din tai fung (chinese restaurant) and i requested for a slice of crepe cake. crepe cake is one of my favorites cake in paris baguette.

there are a few of tasks that i wish to accomplish before 30s come and i would love to write it down here.

-i'm studying part-time now and i need to pass in each semester..every semester offers a certificate before i get my official diploma's certificate and i want all the certificates.

-my man and i still carrying our debts, we are working hard now hopefully to clear all the burden within a year before we got our own apartment

-i have an intention to do conversion of citizenship,currently we are taking permanent residence cards here..i love singapore and i would definitely love to let my future children to live here.and we are still planning on this..

- improving my grammars in posting for blog..i might need to read more then.

-post more outfits posts in my blog as this is the main reason this blog created..hhmm..we will see how.

this is a really simple birthday celebration but mean a man now is in his flight to penang.and he  messaged me 15 minutes ago that the customs officer threw away his hair gel and face wash as both exceeding 100ml.arrgghh..i knew this is rules but how ridiculous is this rule.



Ice Pandora said...

Haaaaappy birthday dearest Jose ^__^ Have a nice one c; This crêpe cake
looks amazingly good! Xx

Elsha said...

Happy Birthday! Your goals are fantastic, you can do it!

livlovelaugh said...

Happy birthday! i just had my 29th birthday too! I am not too happy to be on my last year of my 20's.... but i guess we should make the most of it ^^

<3 liv