Friday, May 30, 2014

7th years anniversary

hello ladies,

how is your day? mine was filled up with celebrations. five days ago was my birthday and today is our 7th years anniversary. phew..7th is a huge milestones for both of us. we had went through lots and lots of ups and downs in this seven years. sounds like roller coaster?? sometimes when i was frustrated with our relationships, this "breakup" did rushed into my brain but luckily they don't stay  for too long..and of course, i did treasure and cherish our relationship so much now..

since we are still trying to save and pay off our debts, we decided to celebrate in the cheapest way. we went for dinner at chicken pot. it is a chinese-style steamboat using special imported sauce and cooking recipes served in claypot. and we ordered two claypot of fish and chicken. the meals was amazing as we talked so much about our life in this 7th years and what future will bring us.
dinner was satisfying and tonight is definitely a great night and i hope we will have more anniversaries to celebrate..

love you,my man..



Ice Pandora said...

Awwww super congratulations with
this great milestone c; 7 years!
Wowies! A nice humble way to
celebrate it with hotpot :3 Xx

helen said...

hi jose! thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet words! happy anniversary to you and your guy!!!!!!! so glad you had a wonderful time, and i'm looking forward to reading more! :)