Friday, May 30, 2014

7th years anniversary

hello ladies,

how is your day? mine was filled up with celebrations. five days ago was my birthday and today is our 7th years anniversary. phew..7th is a huge milestones for both of us. we had went through lots and lots of ups and downs in this seven years. sounds like roller coaster?? sometimes when i was frustrated with our relationships, this "breakup" did rushed into my brain but luckily they don't stay  for too long..and of course, i did treasure and cherish our relationship so much now..

since we are still trying to save and pay off our debts, we decided to celebrate in the cheapest way. we went for dinner at chicken pot. it is a chinese-style steamboat using special imported sauce and cooking recipes served in claypot. and we ordered two claypot of fish and chicken. the meals was amazing as we talked so much about our life in this 7th years and what future will bring us.
dinner was satisfying and tonight is definitely a great night and i hope we will have more anniversaries to celebrate..

love you,my man..


Sunday, May 25, 2014

it's my birthday today..29th officially..

hi lovelies,

today is my 29th birthday..and this is my last year to celebrate my age of twenties before 30s' come.and 30 sounds scary!

times really flies fast than i can a blink of eyes,i'm officially 29 now.

my man celebrated my birthday yesterday as he went outstation for work today.we went to eat at din tai fung (chinese restaurant) and i requested for a slice of crepe cake. crepe cake is one of my favorites cake in paris baguette.

there are a few of tasks that i wish to accomplish before 30s come and i would love to write it down here.

-i'm studying part-time now and i need to pass in each semester..every semester offers a certificate before i get my official diploma's certificate and i want all the certificates.

-my man and i still carrying our debts, we are working hard now hopefully to clear all the burden within a year before we got our own apartment

-i have an intention to do conversion of citizenship,currently we are taking permanent residence cards here..i love singapore and i would definitely love to let my future children to live here.and we are still planning on this..

- improving my grammars in posting for blog..i might need to read more then.

-post more outfits posts in my blog as this is the main reason this blog created..hhmm..we will see how.

this is a really simple birthday celebration but mean a man now is in his flight to penang.and he  messaged me 15 minutes ago that the customs officer threw away his hair gel and face wash as both exceeding 100ml.arrgghh..i knew this is rules but how ridiculous is this rule.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

a little update..

recently, work and part-time school had being taking over my life..i had extremely busy schedule this few weeks and i'm really hoping for some relaxing time.

today is the day..i had no work today,but i got some project going on that i have to finish this afternoon.mean while,relaxing is my main priority..

and recently,i'm lovin' this quote..i found it from museum.
*insert proud face here*

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

beautybiotics: dream cream exfoliating jelly

hello my ladies,

as you all know,i'm asian.

well,typical asian's girl like me always faces a few problems to my skin. uneven skin tone, breakout, oily skin, huge pores, dull skin and etc always bugging me. i believe every girls still trying to search for right skin care products.

recently, i had being introduced to beautybiotics exfoliating jelly. and guess what, i had being totally attracted to this product as the packaging mentioned that suitable for all skin types & even sensitive skin.
Exfoliating Jelly is a dermatologically formulated gentle exfoliating peel that helps unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin to enhance your skin’s absorption of nutrients. It contains fruit derived AHA + BHA enzymes that gently exfoliates skin to restore clarity, brilliance and radiance. 
i tried it out one night before i jumped into bed. first,i must ensure my face is completely dry. dispense and apply exfoliating jelly onto face and massage deeply in circular motion till impurities & dead skin being exfoliated.wash face with water and pat dry. and can be use once to twice weekly.

after once tried, i found out that my skin was smoother and definitely can noticed that my pores were slightly smaller than "before"..hey girls, this was only one exfoliation done and the results were amazing..what do you think will happen after 10 times? 20 times? this is definitely something that i will be using for years..

i went to understand more about this exfoliating jelly and found out that the ingredients used were all natural and fruit-derived AHA + BHA enzymes were being added too to gently exfoliate skin and show instant radiance results after exfoliation.

good news!!
exfoliating jelly is now available in all Watsons for $43/150ml

for more information, please visit beautybiostics facebook >>


*this post is sponsored by BeautyBiotics and all the opinions above are by my own*

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

hello sunshine,

this image (grabbed from pinterest) is one of the most beautiful sunrise i ever fact,i never really see any sunrise before.

sunrise show so much positive energy and happiness to this world..and i really appreciate god's creation.this moment,i wish to be staying beside beach or island to view this sunrise with my man..

relax time needed here..


Friday, May 2, 2014

essential damage care: sleeping hair mask

hi my lovelies,

do you still remember i did owned long hair 1 month ago?here is the proof *in case some may not remember*
but i decided to chop off my long hair (i had maintained those long hair more than 5 years!) during easter holiday due to too much damages on my hair.i always adore girls with silky and smooth hair but honestly i don't have it.every morning i had to face "bed hair" and in order to get a manageable hair back,i had to wash my hair daily (morning & before sleep) which may took up a lot of my personal times. and, short hair didn't do any justice too.i still got the same problems, the only advantage of short hair is they dry out faster.

recently i discovered that the main reason behind this "bed hair" is PILLOW DAMAGE!

what happen is that when we toss and turn in our sleep causes hair rubbing against the pillow, created friction. and friction causes hair cuticles to open up unevenly, rough, frizzy and prone to tangles hair. as a results, we will get frizzy & unmanageable hair like a lion's mane or bed hair.

and this are the main six WANTED culprits

for me,two of the worst issues i'm having now are tangle and won't believe how many hair combs i had but i seldom comb my hair as i really scared of breakage..
but don't worry as i found solutions to my problems:

Essential is a popular haircare brand for damaged hair from Japan.They has a wide range of products to help repair and care for damaged hair. Essential offers products ranging from basic care items like shampoo and conditioner to treatment items such as hair mask and leave on hair treatments.

Essential Sleeping Hair Mask and Hair Serum..

i tried essential sleeping hair mask on my dried hair and below were the results.the photos in day 2 and day 3 were being snapped by my man (thanks to his help) minutes after i woke up.and i 2 was my real "bed hair" daily before i try out hair mask.
honestly i was amazed by the results! i really love the non-greasy texture in the hair mask..and they smell great too!! i definitely can saw that my hair was shinier and manageable on the next day.

before off to work, i just had to apply hair serum on the tip of the hair and call it a day!! what a easy steps..

if you're interested, get your FREE SAMPLES by clicking here >>HERE

or you can buy from all the leading supermarkets, drug stores or hypermarkets for S$ 11.90 each.

and here's come to best part for the kpop lovers!!!

2NE1 is coming to town!!

win tickets to 2NE1's All or Nothing World Tour concert held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 28th June! Simply buy S$10 worth of Essential products to qualify!! Go for more information.

Essential on facebook..for more information go Essential Singapore
Essential on instagram..for more information go essentialsingapore

*this post is sponsored by Essential and all the opinions above are by my own*

Thursday, May 1, 2014

singapore: astons at sentosa gateway

hello ladies,

my man and i did not cook as we only rented a room,which did not include cooking facilities. both of us had to eat outside daily and sometimes we just fed-up of food. i miss my mum's home-cooked meals now.. man and i are a very big fan of western food.and we found astons selling western food in a high quality at very very affordable prices.yes,we don't usually paid much for food,therefore we had to find cheap prices but in good tastes. and astons made it!!
i still remembered first time trying out astons was in a very old coffee shop.but now they had being upgrading themselves to restaurants.good jobs!! they serve varieties of food from fishes to chickens and beefs and spaghetti too. i'm a big fan of their fish & chips..oh,and their side dishes were delicious too. potatoes salads and mashed potatoes are my fav!! yummy yummy!!

if you happen to stop by singapore or passing by astons, please try out.highly recommended!!

they own a webpage>>here

xoxo happy first may