Thursday, April 17, 2014

orientation first before school start

hello hello my dear ladies,

i had being keeping this secret for few weeks now and i'm going to reveal it in my blog here.


i'm taking my part time diploma in business practice & management course (sound cool,right?) the age of 28,almost 29 in a month!!

things i scare about the study:

1) 29 is old..and i'm terribly scare that i'm the oldest among my classmates
2) assignments..assignments, we won't be bff
3) exam..exam..i always have phobia for this word
4) i guess i'm too old to handle stress?
5) my brain had retired..they are not train to memorize

but....i decided that i should just went for it since i got sponsorship from my company and i don't even need to spend single cent in course fees.and today was my orientation day.the orientation was quite boring and the only thing i really concern was am i the oldest in my class? the answer is no and i was relieved..phew! class will be start on next monday and i'm really looking forward to it. *fingers crossed*

oh..and let's me introduce my new pencil case to you. i named her "little betty"..she's adorable,right?



Gina G said...

Oh my goodness! I am having the same worries! I'm 27, got a virtually useless BA, got married, and just decided I want to have a useful skill to fall back on if ever needed...which means back to school. You are so lucky you have it all payed for, good luck to you! Lovin you blog~~


nice post!! :)

Ice Pandora said...

Little Betty is a cute pencil case c:
Good luck with your school! Don't feel discouraged because of your
age (I really thought you were
around 20 or something!) Xx