Saturday, April 12, 2014

i'm back with new inspirations..

hey ladies,

sorry for my disappearance this few had being complicated but i'm hoping everything will be back to normal soon, i promise.

i miss my blog so much but i got no ideas what to post each times i logged in..and i decided my blog need a makeover.i had being searching for a new template since last week and finally i found out that joyce from joyful outfits did blog design.due to my budget, i purchased one of her ready-made "madeline template". and i love it!!totally worth to spend this money as i need a change, yeek! i hope with the new change, i will be more inspire to blog.

before i sign off, let me show you this:
*the most beautiful sunset i ever seen*


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LOVE, DANICA said...

Just found your blog, love it and your pictures are wonderful. xo