Monday, April 14, 2014

beauty products: nail polishes

hi ladies,

let's talk about nail polishes for a while..

i started to paint my nails since i was around 5 years old? can't remember the exact age but i knew when i was really really young.i got influenced from my mum, she loves nail polishes too and she had a few collections. when i started to earn some income,i bought my own nail polishes and started my own collection too.

i did not paint my nails regularly until i took it very seriously early of the year. i started to paint my nails every fortnight..and i started to buy more.kind of scary as i thought that i was addicted to nail polishes.did you have the same habit like i did?

here are a few of my fav:

 1) sally hansen nail nutrition of green tea & bamboo for strength. my nails seem to be cracking easily as they are quite thin,i had to got this even though it was quite pricey..but i love the results.
 2) revlon brilliant strength in enchant (080)
 3)nicole by opi in make a comet-ment(ni 358)
 4)face it by the face shop in br802
5)nicole by opi in love your life (ni 248)

i still have a lot of nail polishes to share..more update soon!


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