Friday, April 25, 2014

a period of reflection & thoughts

*this is a much nerdy & dorky specs* look at those Asian eyes!!

-believing that life is full of miracles..

-reading my finance notes..i can't understand much here,anyone can help me?

-planning my schedule..since school started,i felt that i don't have much time left for personal,i need to be wise in arranging my timing

-eating mixed rice for dinner..and drinking rose teas to calm down my nerves

-motivating..*thinking*...gym motivates me,but i have not visit gym over a week now..i miss gym

-wearing pajamas,ready to jump in to bed



Paris said...

What lovely ideas to relax. Rose tea sounds nice right now. Merci.

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate,


Ice Pandora said...

You look so cute with those
nerd glasses c;
Mhmm I love eating mixed
rice as well!
//REPLY: I got those My
Melody tissue's from Hong
Kong c; Xx

his little lady said...

Love these little posts! And nothing is better than that feeling when leaving the gym :)
xo TJ