Tuesday, March 11, 2014

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

hi ladies,

how you spend your tuesday? i worked from 8.30am till 6pm and i went to gym after that to work out a bit.i'm still struggling with my weight and i always think that the slimmer you're, the better the cloth will look on you..don't you agree?

recently, i'm eye-ing on some fun prints sweater..even though currently weather in singapore is the hottest one,i'm still think sweater will look cute on me..

what do you think? what is your activities for tuesday?


his little lady said...

Loving both of these pretty sweaters :)
xo TJ


Alissa said...

That star sweater is cute!

By The Shore, Life & Style said...

Firstly, I love that star sweater it's adorable. And that's awesome you made it to the gym. You go, girl! I've just started getting back into my yoga and feeling great!! xoxo