Wednesday, March 19, 2014

singapore: river safari

hello ladies,

how is your day?i'm doing really great here..

few weekends ago, my man and i went to river safari, one of the newest addition to wildlife reserves singapore’s portfolio of award-winning parks. we bought tickets earlier january 2014 during promotion when i registered for 10km run..

i was pretty excited as i always love to see different kind of species and animals from all over the world. before i went,i did read little bit of information from webpage..most of the park is sheltered. so,no worry for the rain to come except the amazon river quest (boat ride). oohh, and remember bring a pair of sunglasses to protect our precious eyes from strong solar glare. and remember to grab the map of river safari from counter..

and we were lucky that we got to meet kai kai and jia jia (protected giant pandas from china)..they are located in giant panda forest in river safari..
they are so cute!

beside viewing animals, i got to enjoy the scenery too..the place is breath-taking!! i felt so relax and free in this park..

and we got to boat riding..we had to purchase tickets which cost us $5/each for less than 10 minutes ride.during the ride, we had the chance to see all the amazing wildlife living in south america's river. you have to try this if you're here..

river safari is definitely worth for me to come again..totally in love with the adventures here.

address :80 mandai lake road
               singapore 729826

opening hour: 9am to 6pm daily 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

hi ladies,

how is your tuesday?

i read from blogger's post that st.patrick day had just being over..and when we said st.patrick day,everyone thought of green.

hence, i went to pinterest and found my inspirations. green is just so lovely and peaceful color..i don't own much green color's outfit but this colors going to burn my wallet soon..i started to fall in love with green once i saw this two pictures above..

go green!!

*images via pinterest*

Monday, March 17, 2014

the weather is so strange..

the weather is so strange minute you got warm temperature, the other minute you got too much rain pours..

this kind of weather make me felt superb stress and i got to prepare umbrella all the times..

what kind of weather you're having now?

p.s.let's us pray for MH370

Saturday, March 15, 2014

obsessed with stripes

morning ladies,

this post should be up on saturday's night, but i was too tired ended up lying in bed superb early. blame the overload work in the office.

back to this outfit..

recently,i started to be so obsessed  with stripes..previously, stripes won't be my priority as i think they made me looked fatter and shorter. but now, i think stripes are so cute!!

my fashion buds had being changing frequently lately.sometimes, i love bows..sometimes, i love neon colors, sometimes, i love polka dots..and now i love stripes. i'm so weird..

do you face the same problem?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

hi ladies,

how you spend your tuesday? i worked from 8.30am till 6pm and i went to gym after that to work out a bit.i'm still struggling with my weight and i always think that the slimmer you're, the better the cloth will look on you..don't you agree?

recently, i'm eye-ing on some fun prints sweater..even though currently weather in singapore is the hottest one,i'm still think sweater will look cute on me..

what do you think? what is your activities for tuesday?

Monday, March 10, 2014

the nerdiest ever

hi ladies,

this is my first post for march..i'm too lazy to blog recently. nothing much and special is happening around worth to be share to the blogging world

so, what's new for this month?

i chopped off 3 inches of my hair (if you ever notice my hair is shorter here)..and getting shorter
i bought new specs, which is superb nerdy and i love it
and this was my first time snapping my outfit photos in emergency staircase in hotel..sound cool!!

how about you? what's the new things that happen to you recently?