Monday, February 24, 2014

don't be greedy

hi ladies,

the other days i saw an h&m advertisement in facebook asking us to share the h&m link and give a comment how to spend $500 voucher from h&m. sound interesting,right..especially the $500.

immediately i clicked "share" and gave my comment. *satisfying and waited patiently hoping that h&m will saw my comment and gave me the voucher*

a while later,i saw few of my friends shared the same link and i was like oh chance to win this giveaway is getting lower..*pray hard*

just now,one of my friend sent me a message from h&m company announcing that the advertisement was fake! it was just a spam from someone..

and i feel silly...and naive..haha

lesson learn..don't be greedy

1 comment :

Marlen said...

what a mean trick! i'd be so disappointed haha, ah well :/ on a happier note, i love your sweater!

xo marlen
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