Wednesday, February 5, 2014

chinese new year 2014-part 1

hi ladies, i had being totally out from internet world for the last few days..and finally i'm back here.

the man and i went back to his hometown end of january to celebrate chinese new year with his families and relatives.since this is the first year of our marriage, i had to follow the "traditional way" which is i have to celebrate chinese new year in my in-law's place.
i was truly blessed as my mother in-law is a very kind and understanding woman. she decorated her house as merry as possible and she cooked the food that i love to eat..just to make me feel more homely.of course,i still miss my families so much but in the other side,i'm truly blessed and appreciated the whole moment of celebration.
we spent our first day of cny in his relatives place.the whole families came and gathered in a small apartment..we talked, gossiped, photo-shooting and gambled for the whole day..sound productive,right?
first day ended up really fun and great!! and i absolutely adored my dress..i got a few compliments about the it!!

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Moudy said...

Hey ^^ nice dress and Happy Chinese New Year ^^

Margaret said...

Happy Chinese New Year.