Friday, February 28, 2014

a period of reflection & thoughts

i can't believe today is last day for february. time flies without me knowing..and i don't do much productive things this's time for me to reflect back february..

-believing  in my man..i think we have the most horrible month (let's keep secret here) but i choose to believe what he did all the is one of the key for relationship

-reading  none!! i bought almost 10 fiction books during book fair last weekend and i don't have any mood to start my reading moment..disappointing.

-planning  my savings..i'm not a good planner but i took a small step to start save for future use..and i want to be debt-free.

-eating  heavy dinner just now..we went to private party organized by fitness first and we had being served free meal.

-motivating  in keeping fit..i just want to be healthy

-wearing  my pajamas dress.. yet not ready to sleep


Little Tree Vintage said...

being motivated is awesome, good luck with everything!

By The Shore, Life & Style said...

Love all your goals & aspirations. I too am trying to read more, saving is always an important one for me, and YES to more fitness too!! Happiest weekend, girl!! xoxo