Tuesday, January 14, 2014

wedding update: choosing wedding dates

my wedding had being over almost a month ago..time flies!!

the man and i had being officially registered as husband and wife since 30th may 2009, which was 4 years ago. both of us live in our comfort zone since then until our parents started to nag us to get a "real wedding". chinese eldest are strong believer that only after a formal wedding..we are officially husband and wife. and of course, there are lot of traditions to follow and fulfill..

hence, my parents started to search for lunar calendar for a "good day" for wedding. my dad did several research before he announced the date. since the man and i are from different states, we had to organize two weddings' dinner for both families and relatives.my mother in-law is not expert in choosing date, so she passed the duty to her younger sister.

after few weeks later, both families came out with the official wedding dates.

16th december 2013-wedding in bride's hometown
28th december 2013-wedding in groom's hometown

we got the dates early of the year 2013, and both of us did not felt any pressure from this..

which was a good thing,right?

-to be continued-

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