Monday, January 27, 2014

this kind of morning

where i wore this to: working whole day..

some morning i felt fresh and everything seem so right.every pieces i took out from closet looked amazingly fine on me..and i really love this kind of morning..

but this morning was an opposite one.every clothes were not alright and my mood was not that fine too.
and i stared on my closet for few minutes before decided to wear always cure my moody morning and is a life saver!

what kind of morning you had today?


little things and elephants said...

I like how you added that belt, cute!

Alissa said...

That belt totally brightens the outfit and makes it so cheery!

Elsha said...

This morning was easy, but I totally understand the opposite feeling. I will end up with half my closet on the floor when that happens

saraH said...

You are darling!