Wednesday, January 8, 2014

my resolutions for 2014

every year i did my resolutions..and when year ended i was frustrated as i did not fulfill all of my resolutions.i always forgot what i wish to do for the whole year..and i knew this is a very bad characteristic. shame on me though.

this year, i told myself to really look seriously into what i want and wish to fulfill for the year.

- smile more..i read an article the other day,the writer wrote that smile made us looked younger
-read gain more knowledge rather than to stay the same way
-healthier..i had registered 2 running events so far,hope to run more this year
-be little bit can be complicated, but i prefer to be more simple
-save more $ make me happier, and i want to visit more countries

have you plan your resolutions?


Katie Did What said...

These are all great resolutions, for life really, not just a new year!!! :) I'm right there with you for all of them! Especially saving money to travel- there is NOTHING better!


saraH said...

Great resolutions! mine is to read more as well!

Elsha said...

I do the same thing, and last year was the worst of them. I want to make sure I get through all my resolutions this year, and good luck to you too!