Monday, January 6, 2014

i was trying to be a very good friends with 2014

my man is a superb active guy. while i'm the one who like silence and peaceful moments rather than crowds..and definitely i don't like doing countdown things in the crowds..

the man said i needed some relax moments and he needed me to be there with him during this outing.i had to follow him (well,he successfully made me out with those sweet words) we went to sentosa island and met up with his colleagues outside of the casino entrance.
 (our last photos before ended 2013)

my man suggested we went to hard rock cafe for the counting down event..lucky us,we got the seats and don't had to wait to long for it.there was a live band singing and the waiter even gave each of us party hats..this was so cool!! and the place was not too crowded, definitely suited me well..
i ordered blue devil (blend of dark rum,blue curacao,fresh squeezed margarita mix & monin rapsberry syrup) and i got a bit drunk..blame the rum!!
after the event, we walked around the island and enjoyed the midnight breeze..the weather was cooling and fresh..amazingly, i felt so awake even though the time was 2am.

we spent our dawn walking around and snapping photos while the man's colleagues went for gambling.and can you believe we reached home 7.30am? is a good time for breakfast..haha

2014, please be good to me as i sacrificed my beauty sleep accompanied your first dawn..let us be a very good friends.


Kirsten said...

Lovely pictures :)
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Lexie and Brayden said...

ok cutest couple award! and i'm not a big fan of crowds either. haha gives me anxiety. looks like you guys had so much fun though! that blue fountain is so pretty!