Tuesday, January 21, 2014

from iphone 5: positive energy needed for this week

where i wore it to: sunday outing

past weekend was devastated one!!

i lost my wedding ring..the man and i had being married less than a month and i lost my ring (awwhh..i know). my heart hurt and tore whenever i thought about my ring.i'm not a careless person but i still lost it.i can't find it anywhere and i have no idea where i lost it.

i'm trying to recover from the pain of losing my favorite ring.i'm just hoping my ring will come back to me,one day..

meanwhile,selfie to increase the happiness deep in my heart.

sweater: bought online from taobao.com
destroyed skinnies: forever 21
loafers: rubi


saraH said...

What a cute sweater! You look great in yellow!


his little lady said...

So cute! Loving this outfit with the pop of yellow! :)
xo TJ