Friday, January 24, 2014

farewell dinner for hawai

i always hate farewell..i hate seeing someone that i'm comfortable with going elsewhere..but today is a different day.we are celebrating farewell dinner for colleague, hawai as she will going to study abroad in taiwan next month. i guess she will have brighter future there.

my other colleague organised a farewell dinner and we dined in itaewon korea which popular for their bbq..i'm not really a korean food lover as korean love meat more than veges. not surprisingly, this restaurant serve meats more than veges.for meat lover,this will be a bonus for you.

 there are some other food other than bbq meats..e.g. sushi, fried glass noodles,rice cake....and more.

food was alright but we were more prompt to cam-whoring..each of us started to snap photos after finishing our meal.after gave each other a hug, we went off and i started to miss my colleagues.

hawai, wish you all the best in taiwan. i will be visiting you soon...very soon!

p.s. she won't be reading this as i never reveal my blog to anyone here..just pretend she will be reading this..bloggers out there,you understand me,right?

restaurant: itaewon korea
                   1 woodlands road #01-21/22
                   junction 10
                   singapore 677899

do you organize any farewell dinner/party before?
how do you feel when your colleague resign?

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Alissa said...

Hey girl! Well, I tackle school week by week. I do look at the syllabus when I first get it and write down all of the dates so that I can know when I have to study. But really what I do is just study super hard, ask lots of questions before the first test. After the first test it's easier to see how the teacher grades and they are generally nicer if you are concerned about your grade after the first test. Good luck!