Thursday, January 23, 2014

a day in the office v.1

as a human resource officer,my job could be tough sometimes.tension come pretty easily..

when my friends asked about my job,everyone started to get envy as they said human resource is the world-best-job. we only need to process payroll end of the month, which mean for the other days NO,this is not the truth.sometimes i just lazy to explain in details to my friends..meanwhile,let them jealous for my job.

december & january are the toughest months.i had being working 12 hours daily for almost a week now..and lucky me,i got to reach home earlier today to blog.
from instagram @ joselovincolors

as busy as i am,i remember that greenery plant make us relax.i bought my cute cactus from chinatown the other day.and i'm totally in love with the teeny-tiny cactus.nothing can be cuter than this (except babies)...

this little plant did made me felt more relax..don't you think they are cute?

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