Monday, January 27, 2014

this kind of morning

where i wore this to: working whole day..

some morning i felt fresh and everything seem so right.every pieces i took out from closet looked amazingly fine on me..and i really love this kind of morning..

but this morning was an opposite one.every clothes were not alright and my mood was not that fine too.
and i stared on my closet for few minutes before decided to wear always cure my moody morning and is a life saver!

what kind of morning you had today?

Friday, January 24, 2014

farewell dinner for hawai

i always hate farewell..i hate seeing someone that i'm comfortable with going elsewhere..but today is a different day.we are celebrating farewell dinner for colleague, hawai as she will going to study abroad in taiwan next month. i guess she will have brighter future there.

my other colleague organised a farewell dinner and we dined in itaewon korea which popular for their bbq..i'm not really a korean food lover as korean love meat more than veges. not surprisingly, this restaurant serve meats more than veges.for meat lover,this will be a bonus for you.

 there are some other food other than bbq meats..e.g. sushi, fried glass noodles,rice cake....and more.

food was alright but we were more prompt to cam-whoring..each of us started to snap photos after finishing our meal.after gave each other a hug, we went off and i started to miss my colleagues.

hawai, wish you all the best in taiwan. i will be visiting you soon...very soon!

p.s. she won't be reading this as i never reveal my blog to anyone here..just pretend she will be reading this..bloggers out there,you understand me,right?

restaurant: itaewon korea
                   1 woodlands road #01-21/22
                   junction 10
                   singapore 677899

do you organize any farewell dinner/party before?
how do you feel when your colleague resign?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

a day in the office v.1

as a human resource officer,my job could be tough sometimes.tension come pretty easily..

when my friends asked about my job,everyone started to get envy as they said human resource is the world-best-job. we only need to process payroll end of the month, which mean for the other days NO,this is not the truth.sometimes i just lazy to explain in details to my friends..meanwhile,let them jealous for my job.

december & january are the toughest months.i had being working 12 hours daily for almost a week now..and lucky me,i got to reach home earlier today to blog.
from instagram @ joselovincolors

as busy as i am,i remember that greenery plant make us relax.i bought my cute cactus from chinatown the other day.and i'm totally in love with the teeny-tiny cactus.nothing can be cuter than this (except babies)...

this little plant did made me felt more relax..don't you think they are cute?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

from iphone 5: positive energy needed for this week

where i wore it to: sunday outing

past weekend was devastated one!!

i lost my wedding ring..the man and i had being married less than a month and i lost my ring (awwhh..i know). my heart hurt and tore whenever i thought about my ring.i'm not a careless person but i still lost it.i can't find it anywhere and i have no idea where i lost it.

i'm trying to recover from the pain of losing my favorite ring.i'm just hoping my ring will come back to me,one day..

meanwhile,selfie to increase the happiness deep in my heart.

sweater: bought online from
destroyed skinnies: forever 21
loafers: rubi

Saturday, January 18, 2014

from canon 600d: first outfit post of the year

where i wore it to: friday's work in the office

oppss..i have just realized that this is my first outfit post of the year.recently i had being neglected my blog too much..

friday is casual wearing day in my office..and i absolutely love this day so wardrobe have too much casual wears than formal wears.and i want every pieces of them to be out to the world..

i love this sweater dress so much!! this is a dress where i fall in love on the first sight.i bought it online from china website..the quality is definitely the most amazing is made from cashmere wool which excellent for staying warm since my office fully air-conditioned.and the lace details at the hem of the dress...i just couldn't resist the cuteness.since this dress is much shorter, i paired it with another sleeveless polka-dots dress underneath it.

just how brilliant i am..i called it a dress under a dress..

sweater dress: bought online from
polka dots dress: bought from ximending,taiwan
earrings: bought from hatyai,thailand

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

wedding update: choosing wedding dates

my wedding had being over almost a month ago..time flies!!

the man and i had being officially registered as husband and wife since 30th may 2009, which was 4 years ago. both of us live in our comfort zone since then until our parents started to nag us to get a "real wedding". chinese eldest are strong believer that only after a formal wedding..we are officially husband and wife. and of course, there are lot of traditions to follow and fulfill..

hence, my parents started to search for lunar calendar for a "good day" for wedding. my dad did several research before he announced the date. since the man and i are from different states, we had to organize two weddings' dinner for both families and mother in-law is not expert in choosing date, so she passed the duty to her younger sister.

after few weeks later, both families came out with the official wedding dates.

16th december 2013-wedding in bride's hometown
28th december 2013-wedding in groom's hometown

we got the dates early of the year 2013, and both of us did not felt any pressure from this..

which was a good thing,right?

-to be continued-

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

my resolutions for 2014

every year i did my resolutions..and when year ended i was frustrated as i did not fulfill all of my resolutions.i always forgot what i wish to do for the whole year..and i knew this is a very bad characteristic. shame on me though.

this year, i told myself to really look seriously into what i want and wish to fulfill for the year.

- smile more..i read an article the other day,the writer wrote that smile made us looked younger
-read gain more knowledge rather than to stay the same way
-healthier..i had registered 2 running events so far,hope to run more this year
-be little bit can be complicated, but i prefer to be more simple
-save more $ make me happier, and i want to visit more countries

have you plan your resolutions?

Monday, January 6, 2014

i was trying to be a very good friends with 2014

my man is a superb active guy. while i'm the one who like silence and peaceful moments rather than crowds..and definitely i don't like doing countdown things in the crowds..

the man said i needed some relax moments and he needed me to be there with him during this outing.i had to follow him (well,he successfully made me out with those sweet words) we went to sentosa island and met up with his colleagues outside of the casino entrance.
 (our last photos before ended 2013)

my man suggested we went to hard rock cafe for the counting down event..lucky us,we got the seats and don't had to wait to long for it.there was a live band singing and the waiter even gave each of us party hats..this was so cool!! and the place was not too crowded, definitely suited me well..
i ordered blue devil (blend of dark rum,blue curacao,fresh squeezed margarita mix & monin rapsberry syrup) and i got a bit drunk..blame the rum!!
after the event, we walked around the island and enjoyed the midnight breeze..the weather was cooling and fresh..amazingly, i felt so awake even though the time was 2am.

we spent our dawn walking around and snapping photos while the man's colleagues went for gambling.and can you believe we reached home 7.30am? is a good time for breakfast..haha

2014, please be good to me as i sacrificed my beauty sleep accompanied your first dawn..let us be a very good friends.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy new year 2014

happy new year from the newly-wed couple..

xo the man and josephine