Tuesday, December 31, 2013

summary of 2013

January 2013

started the year with a very sad new.my grandma (my mother's mother) passed away due to cancer, this was devastating moments

 after all those sad new, the man and i went to penang  for a relaxing vacation to soothe all the tension nerves.

February 2013

the man and i went back to my hometown and celebrated chinese new year with my families..my youngest sister unable to join us as she is studying abroad in india

March 2013

the man and i had planned for wedding end of the year..i found one bridal photographer that i love in my state, hence we booked air tickets and went there booking arrangement
we even started to stick photos on the wall..this is a wall full of great memories
April 2013

i attended 2-days makeup course and proudly graduated with certificate..

May 2013

my colleauges and i decided to open a small business selling phone covers..eventhough in the end we closed down the business after 2 months trying..never try never know..
i did a huge decision on my birthday.the man and i registered ourself  for the 10km running in sentosa island.and we did great supporting each others through the run
 this month was our anniversary month too..we ate in expensive restaurant and we bought each others a cap..

June 2013

i went to taiwan with my friends and i did enjoyed very much during this vacation..though i miss my man too much as he did not join us..

July 2013

the man and i met up with my best friend and her daughter,shannice for the first time since she born seven months ago.i gave shannice a gold pendant as a gift..she's just adorable as possible

i went to east cost park for the first time..i did cycling there
 i went to second 10km running with the man and colleauges

August 2013

the man and i went back to kuching for the pre-wedding photo shooting session that we had booked earlier and we managed to meet up with my families..

September 2013

the man and i went to chinatown to view all the mid-autumn decorations

October 2013

halloween was creepy..but cute with the existing of mickey and minnie
 we did third 10km running nearby our home..

November 2013

on this month,i was so ready for christmas to arrive..
 the man and i traveled in bus for the first time in kl

December 2013

the man and i officially married..and now we are husband and wife..
i love you 2013..you gave me so much chances to learn and to grow..to be a better woman.and i think i did pretty great this year..

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Ice Pandora said...

I'm sorry to hear about your
grandma passing away :c but
I'm also glad to see alot
of happy things happen in
2013! Have a nice NYE! Xx