Sunday, December 22, 2013

malaysia, sarikei: wet market

whenever i returned to my hometown, my mum will always did home-cooked food for us.I'm very fortunate to have such a caring mother in this world.

mostly, she bought meats and veges from wet market.

i enjoyed following her to the wet market even though i hate the smell.
i enjoyed seeing her trying to bargain for cheaper prices.
i enjoyed seeing her picking up the freshest veges from the stalls.
i enjoyed seeing her chit-chatting with the stalls owner whose she recognized..
i enjoyed seeing her satisfying smile after she bought what she wanted..

the prices are reasonable and every goods seem so fresh! most of the veges were freshly picked from the farmers and sold directly to the wet market.this is the place where every mums' would love to visit daily.

oppss..forgot to mention that we need to be very very very early (like this still consider early?)to shop for the goods as the farmers will closed their stalls before noon.

and did i mention our wet market sell world-most-delicious-nasi lemak, just for RM1?!! yummy!!

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