Friday, December 6, 2013

happy birthday to my man & to-do lists for the weekend

sorry for being mia for a week..the man had found new game and he glued to the laptop whole night until i don't have a chance to blog.

i think i'm the worst person in the world..i forgotten that today is my man's 29th birthday.lucky enough he got a bunch of friends to celebrate for him yesterday..blame the wedding,i can't think much rather than our wedding arrangement only

the man went back to his hometown tonight and left me alone for the whole weekend. it is sad sometimes to spend weekend alone,but in the same time i felt relax.i got plenty of plans to do on this weekend..

-visiting hair hair is in a mess
-tidy up my wardrobe..honestly,it is in disaster condition
-clean up my room, dusts everywhere
-post out the wedding cards
-working half day on saturday
-attending coworker's wedding on sunday

i think my to-do-lists are enough to make me busier for the weekend..

happy weekend!

p.s.happy birthday,my you 4ever
p.s.s.i don't get my man any present yet..i'm feeling guilty now about this..

1 comment :

Ice Pandora said...

Haha don't feel bad about
forgetting your man's bday :P
The picture looks really sweet
so does the cake c: Xx