Thursday, November 28, 2013

from canon 600d: gratitude notes

 where i wore it to: work..sorry for the wrinkles mess on my cardigan

though my country did not celebrate thanksgiving day, i still have to feel gratitude towards everything in my life.

thanks to my far far away parents and siblings,you all are the best! supporting me whatever i did and i really miss you all

thanks to my man..encourages and giving me so much love that i needed

thanks to my friends..accompany me whenever i feel boring

thanks to my body..for letting me stay as healthy as i am today

thanks to my job..for molding me into someone independent and mature-thinking

thanks to the food..i don't like the hungry feeling

thanks to blog..for giving me so much inspirations that i never think i can have

thanks to my blog all are the best, and did you know that your comments encourage me to blog more?

happy thanksgiving!!

cardigan: john little
tulle dress: h&m


Rakel said...

so lovely!

Jen Hsieh said...

Such a lovely post! It's always nice to remind us of the things that make our lives amazing. :)