Wednesday, November 20, 2013

from canon 600d: maintaining good body figure

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i want to make a small confession here (no one really want to know what the confession about). i have trouble in slimming down..i guess every girls have the same problem. my ideal weight will be 55kgs-60kgs,yet i'm far further than this digits.and i'm frustrated!! and i was so scared to wear tighter outfits as they showed my "cute little fatty tummy" just like the photos above.i'm not pregnant!

maintaining a great figure needs huge courage & motivation to do so..and i don't even have it.i need advice..i need help..but slimming center is not my cup of tea..couple of my friends had very bad experiences through the center and i will not take any risks on this.perhaps,exercise more and eat less will do the magic?

any good advices for me?

skirt: i have forgotten


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I'm ALWAYS trying to lose a few pounds so I can get rid of my belly bulge, but I know what you mean because it seems like I never have the willpower to do it!

Alissa said...

Don't get frustrated. I have struggled with weight loss this year. (I wrote about it a few times) It took me several months of exercising and eating right to even lose 2 pounds. You will get there. Slow and steady wins the race. Making better choices and putting back the chips, etc. will get you there.

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

the elbow pads on the top are darling - and you look adorable :) so many people struggle with this - but i think you're right... in the end its a numbers game right? number of calories in vs number of calories burned. i've found the most helpful thing is finding healthy meals that you really love eating and a type of exercise you can look forward to (for me it was swimming). good luck!


libys11 said...

i have a hard time maintaining my figure as well. especially now that winter is coming, i tend to eat more to keep me warm, hahaha! i think it's always about the right balance of diet and exercise, as cliche as that may sound.. :)

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trishie said...

What tumnmy?!!