Friday, November 29, 2013

a period of reflection & thoughts

photo via instagram @ joselovincolors

-believing that exercising will gave me my ideal weight

-reading "something from tiffany's" by melissa hill..i had just finished quarter only,i told ya..i'm a slow reader

-planning my is difficult but i knew everything will be worth..

-eating my favorite chicken salads with sesame sauce

-motivating after viewing my brother's intagram..he is awesome with his 6 packs

-wearing my pajamas dress waiting for the man to come back..he went out with his buddies


Ice Pandora said...

You go girl! Work out that
body c:
And omgosh I didn't know
you were getting married!

Darcy said...

I've never read that book... but i've heard its great! Hope you like it!

Alissa said...

I need to follow you on Instagram. Going to do that now!

Elsha said...

I am a super slow reader too! And enjoy planning your wedding, attending your wedding, and being a bride :) These are moments you will always want back but can never have

trishie said...

I didn't now you were getting married either! Congrats and have fun with the wedding planning.