Thursday, November 14, 2013

a period of reflection & thoughts

 *photo: taiwan/2012*

-believing  the ocean have the most powerful energy to give me positive thinking and unlimited creativity

-reading  "something from tiffany's" by melissa hill..arrgh,i'm a slow reader

-planning  a vacation to taiwan with families

-eating  pad thai as my dinner with hometown friend

-motivating  my colleagues this afternoon..after all,everyone needs positive advice during sad moments

-wearing  my pajamas ready to sleep and cuddle with the man..good night and good morning to the other side of the world


Jen Hsieh said...

Your photo really makes me miss Taiwan! I haven't visited in four years but hopefully I can go again soon. Sounds like you're really enjoying the start of the new week. :)

trishie said...

There's definitely something about oceans and moving bodies of water that makes us go "aaaah", isn't it?