Friday, November 29, 2013

a period of reflection & thoughts

photo via instagram @ joselovincolors

-believing that exercising will gave me my ideal weight

-reading "something from tiffany's" by melissa hill..i had just finished quarter only,i told ya..i'm a slow reader

-planning my is difficult but i knew everything will be worth..

-eating my favorite chicken salads with sesame sauce

-motivating after viewing my brother's intagram..he is awesome with his 6 packs

-wearing my pajamas dress waiting for the man to come back..he went out with his buddies

Thursday, November 28, 2013

from canon 600d: gratitude notes

 where i wore it to: work..sorry for the wrinkles mess on my cardigan

though my country did not celebrate thanksgiving day, i still have to feel gratitude towards everything in my life.

thanks to my far far away parents and siblings,you all are the best! supporting me whatever i did and i really miss you all

thanks to my man..encourages and giving me so much love that i needed

thanks to my friends..accompany me whenever i feel boring

thanks to my body..for letting me stay as healthy as i am today

thanks to my job..for molding me into someone independent and mature-thinking

thanks to the food..i don't like the hungry feeling

thanks to blog..for giving me so much inspirations that i never think i can have

thanks to my blog all are the best, and did you know that your comments encourage me to blog more?

happy thanksgiving!!

cardigan: john little
tulle dress: h&m

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

what do you think of slouchy tee?

i think slouchy tee is so comfy and casual to wear on weekend or shopping date with girlfriends.matching slouchy tee with a pair of leggings and loafers definitely make the whole outfits looked more eye-catching.

i, definitely will go and get one!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

from canon 600d: maintaining good body figure

where i wore this to: work

i want to make a small confession here (no one really want to know what the confession about). i have trouble in slimming down..i guess every girls have the same problem. my ideal weight will be 55kgs-60kgs,yet i'm far further than this digits.and i'm frustrated!! and i was so scared to wear tighter outfits as they showed my "cute little fatty tummy" just like the photos above.i'm not pregnant!

maintaining a great figure needs huge courage & motivation to do so..and i don't even have it.i need advice..i need help..but slimming center is not my cup of tea..couple of my friends had very bad experiences through the center and i will not take any risks on this.perhaps,exercise more and eat less will do the magic?

any good advices for me?

skirt: i have forgotten

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

difficulty to wake up early morning..

where i wore it to: shopped for luggage on the weekend

recently, we got a lot of rain here. and i absolutely love the weather and temperature now.we got cooling weather for few days already and i hope rain will keep coming (perhaps,rain in night time during my sleep?).

because of the cool weather,i was reluctant to wake up every morning.let me tell you a secret..i switched on my alarm 6.25am daily,and i was only able to wake up 6.45am daily.i had being snoozing my alarm for 20 minutes!! blame the cozy blanket!! haha

top: bought from
jean: giordano

Thursday, November 14, 2013

a period of reflection & thoughts

 *photo: taiwan/2012*

-believing  the ocean have the most powerful energy to give me positive thinking and unlimited creativity

-reading  "something from tiffany's" by melissa hill..arrgh,i'm a slow reader

-planning  a vacation to taiwan with families

-eating  pad thai as my dinner with hometown friend

-motivating  my colleagues this afternoon..after all,everyone needs positive advice during sad moments

-wearing  my pajamas ready to sleep and cuddle with the man..good night and good morning to the other side of the world

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

from canon 600d: feeling more intelligent than yesterday

where i wore it to: lunch date with the man

after work, the man and i went for a rally.there was a new satinique (under amway) hair care line launched in singapore. luckily, i had bought the tickets few weeks ago as the hall was jam-packed with human! i always love to attend workshop or rally as i felt i gained so much knowledge from here.and i felt i'm more knowledgeable than yesterday.

i had posted this outfit few months ago..same dress,same vest but this time i went to button up and i felt like a new outfit here.i totally love this vest so much! so comfy and casual at the same time.

dress: h&m
vest: forever 21

p.s. do you own a jean vest? how you wear it?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

recently, i noticed lot of fashion bloggers wearing and mix-matching flannel. honestly, i don't own even a piece of flannel and i started to like it so much.

i had being window-shopping h&m recently and saw lot of flannel available hanging beautifully on the aisle.due to budget, i don't but yet. but this will be under my list-to-buy.

flannel, i'm coming!

thanks pinterest!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

best moment of the week

working adult's life is quite boring sometimes. the man and i always met up for dinner after work and went home to rest or cuddled together for movie before slept. everyday,every night the same routines can be extremely boring sometimes. but i did felt gratitude that i have him beside me.

on wednesday, we had the same routine went on. we went for subway and grabbed peppermint mocha from starbucks.we passed by ice rink and saw live ice hockey games.we sat on the benches and watched through the whole games (by the way, the players were kids..and they were so cute!). then we continued with adults ice hockey games till 10pm..while eating onion pancakes with starbucks coffee.

through the whole games, we even started to discuss the strategy to score the games. we discussed the players too.we even gave support to the players..well,by cheering up whoever scored.

best moment of the week: beautiful night..beautiful conversations with the man i love.

have a great weekend!

photos: jcube/my instagram

Thursday, November 7, 2013

from canon 600d: my feelings for november

where i wore it to: office

when this morning i wrote today's date on a piece of document,only that i realized this month is november and today is 7th of the crazy and fast the time passed by..i don't even know what i had did for the past few months.pathetic!

november is not my favorite month.this month seem like forever until tree had being hang up in my office.we recycled ornaments that we used previous years..and the tree still looking adorable.we even started to talk about christmas events and exchanging gifts.

november,please treat me well.

black tee: h&m
skirt: bysi
necklace: diva is your feeling about november?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

singapore: halloween at clarke quay

today i skipped "tuesday inspiration via pinterest" as i had this halloween post to update..or else i'm the final blogger who still updating halloween now..

on halloween night, we had outing with the man's coworkers.clarke quay is the place that buzzing with night activities and tourists.and every year, the locals and even tourists will came here to celebrate halloween night.

last year, the man and i went to clarke quay too and both of us love halloween night. even though we did not wear any costumes,but we enjoyed viewing others in cute or scary costumes. and the man told me the other night that next year he wishes to have a costume.i agreed!

i snapped with a few characters and my favorite was the couple of mickey and minnie.

hope next year our costumes will be ready! haha

p.s.what was your halloween costume?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

singapore: songfa bak kut teh at clarke quay

have you ever tried bak kut teh?bak kut teh is a chinese soup consists of meaty pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices for hours.

since the main ingredient is "pork"..this soup is totally none of my business as i don't like pork at all.let me define my levels of dislike..i will totally puke out everything i ate if i knew there was pork in it.i can't even bear to smell the pork smell.

but i ate songfa bak kut teh twice. TWICE!! you heard me..

songfa bak kut teh is totally different from others as they put lot of spices and herbs to cover the smell of pork..and i totally can drank the soup as many bowls as i can. which is refillable..

we went there with bunch of friends on last saturday. the queue was long enough to let us wait for 15 minutes but worth favorite dishes were groundnuts and salted vegetables. they were the perfect combination for my bak kut teh soup. and for non-pork eater like me, i ordered sliced fish,everyone can dine here.irresistible!!

location: 11 new bridge road #01-01 / 17 new bridge road #01-01
hours: 7am-9.30am / 11am-9.45pm (closed on monday)
website: you eat pork? have you ever try bak kut teh?

Friday, November 1, 2013

best moment of the week

i have being awaiting this for whole year! starbucks is my favorite coffee's shop and christmas is my favorite festival.these drinks had being launched again since yesterday and i drank peppermint mocha last night.i can't resisted the christmas feel.

best moment of the week is to drink ice-blended peppermint mocha.

happy weekend!