Sunday, October 13, 2013

third running event for 2013: pioneer road run 10km

i was inspired to run in running events through the man. he is the one who encourages me to register the events and gave motivations to me during running session. 10km is not as easy as i thought, especially for me who have asthma background.but i have to find alternative ways for me to do more sports. hence, running a mini marathon is the new option for me.

this was our 3rd running events.i had almost gave up this early morning but lucky me,the man really did encouraged me the most!! this run was special as we had a friend to do it together with us..we wake up as early as 5am and the running started at 6.30am.running is definitely a good sport for me to sweat a little. both of us motivated by the finisher medals too..this is a memorable gifts.

i still did not know my running time.perhaps, the organizer will update in their webpage soon. we ended our run with cold milo, one of the man favorite drink.

p.s. sorry for the photo's quality..we did not bring our digital camera during running session
p.s.s.i'm having muscle pain now..hopefully will recover soon
p.s.s.s have you ever register running events? how do you feel? please share

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