Sunday, October 6, 2013

singapore: mei heong yuen dessert at chinatown

singapore had lots of delicious and popular food.the only thing is that we must know where is the location..i heard once my friend told me that somewhere in chinatown there is a shop-houses selling varieties of desserts and all of them are delicious and yummy.the man searched through internet few weeks ago and we found this mei heong yuen dessert shop-houses around the corner of chinatown.

there are three units connecting each others,and all the three units were jam-packed of peoples.we had to wait for a few minutes to get our seats,and we had to share table with strangers.the environment of the stall was alright although it is not the most perfect stall i ever being.

since the weather was terribly hot, we decided to have cooling dessert to soothe our body. we ordered watermelon with lychee shaved ice, sesame paste and three colors chinese cakes.
shaved ice is great for weather like singapore. i always love cold desserts..but probably i ordered the wrong flavors..they didn't really tasted as nice as this photo showed.
it was a bit disappointing though..
sesame paste surprisingly did not disappointed was amazingly smooth and smells great!!the paste was not too thick nor too watery..the consistency and the texture were just perfect!
the man and i absolutely love this three colors chinese cakes.they were pumpkin cakes,yam cakes and carrot cakes.every bites smelt great as they mix the cakes with small shrimps.i believe small shrimps gave every food taste better.the man and i ate two plates of these..and my favorite would be the pumpkin cakes.

location: 63-67 temple street
hours: daily 10.30am till 10pm

p.s.what you have for your summer hot days?

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trishie said...

Looks like a great dessert shop! Would love to visit next time i'm in Singapore.