Monday, October 14, 2013

from canon 600d: i'm good in maths when i did shopping

where i wore it to: office with a friday mood

this sweater was another bargain that i bought from h&m for S$20.normal price was S$69.90 and i save S$49.90..normally i was totally sucks in math..but when come to my shopping,i did math quite well.this is what the man commented about me everytime i did shopping session with him.

i got two comments from this sweater:
1) you looked like eskimo
2) you bought this from borneo? the pattern looked like "original people" drawings from borneo


sweater: h&m
pants: giordano

p.s. what do you think of my new sweater?


Darcy said...

I love your new sweater! You can't beat that price :)

What Kenny Hearts said...

As usual, another really lovely post! I am so liking the outfit from head to toe. You are really such a chic girl!

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