Wednesday, September 18, 2013

taiwan: ding tai fung restaurant

let me talk about food for a while.i went to taiwan with a group of friends on last june during summer time.taiwan is famous for their food,night markets,friendly locals and breath-taking scenery.once we departed from the flight,our first stop was "ding tai fung" .i often visited singapore branch with the man but since it is originally from taiwan, i got to try it too.

our tour guide sent us to one of the branch and we ordered lot of foods.even ding tai fung specialist in "xiaolongbao" (small steamed buns),but there were lot of varieties to choose.the food and the ingredients were fresh and yummier than singapore.*i'm drooling while typing this*

i'm planning to go taiwan again soon. this country left lot of great memories to me and i can't wait to return again,for their food and shopping spree.

p.s.ding tai fung also has branches in other countries like australia, china, hong kong, japan, thailand, united states etc...have you ever try before? you won't regret it..


Alissa said...

Oh my gosh that food looks AMAZING!

Jewelz said...

Oh my all of this looks SO DANG YUMMY! My mouth is watering :)