Sunday, September 8, 2013

rough day..

*photo by me@chinatown*

today is definitely a rough day..

the man and i slept in till 12 noon (you won't believe that,but this is true) and we talked about where we wanted to go after lunch.i bathed and applied a bit the middle of this,my phone mum called me and she started with "your uncle no.3 is dying soon,he is terribly sick now"

i can felt my tears rolling down my cheeks..i can't believe what she said,i even scolded her for joking to me.but this is true! the doctor had pronounced that my uncle (father's brother) might not being able to survive till tomorrow.what!!

all the siblings and his only son had arrived in the hospital and accompany him till the end..

now,praying is the only thing i can do..i hope he can go though and survive.

please pray together..


Alissa said...

Oh no! You are in my thoughts!

Josephine Choo said...

hi alissa,

thanks! i needed this support so much!