Thursday, September 26, 2013

from canon 600d: a dinner date at subway

where i wore it to: work and dinner date

we got a notification from subway that they are having a promotion buy one free one today. as the man and i are subway lovers,we decided that we must grab the offer. i love their veggie patty and egg mayo while the man prefer tuna and roast beef. with lot and lot of veggies..and chipotle sauce.

the man even invited a few colleagues to join us for dinner.and all of them are very friendly..even with a few peoples around,i still called it a dinner date..a successful dinner date with lot of laughter.

peplum top: red2
skinnies: giordano

p.s.have you try subway sandwiches?what is your favorite?


Katie Did What said...

We love subway, too! I like the sweet onion chicken teriyaki. Yummm with LOTS of veggies, of course! That red peplum top is super cute. You look adorable!


Jewelz said...

You are so cute! I love your outfit!