Friday, September 6, 2013

best moment of the week

beside outfit posts,i decided to do some lifestyle and daily posts too..i hope my blog won't be too bloated with my outfits only..

i love memories,they made me appreciating every details in my is very important for me,this is the only gadget that can memorize every happening in my daily life.but sometimes my canon 600d isn't that flexible, iphone 5 started to occupy in daily use.

here was a few of the best moments for the week:

fitting room moments,i was enjoying changing and snapping each of the dress i of the moment that i enjoyed the most last weekend.i ended up grabbing 2 dresses away..

for this week:
mooncake festival is around the corner..everyone busy buying mooncake as gifts or for own pleasure.the man knew that i like snowskin mooncake, he suggested i should buy some too.i ended up buying 9 pieces(chocolate,mango and orange flavors)
having dessert after dinner is the most enjoying moment in my life.again, the man knew that and we went to buy mango napoleon in paris baguette

what is your best moment of the week? 
do you eat dessert after every meals?

2 comments : said...

Lovely outfits, girl, especially the third on looks fantastic! And so does the food :-)

Akiko said...

I love eating desert after a meal too :) THe cake looks so yummy and want to try it right now..! Can I ask what is mooncake festival? Sounds so fun! xo akiko
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