Friday, September 27, 2013

best moment of the week

the man hates shopping..not really if he wants to buy something or i want to buy something.he thought i waste too much time doing shopping.

watsons was having sales few days ago (buy one free one)..surprisingly he offered me to shop some necessities in watsons.of course i will not rejected any opportunities for me to buy things..i'm shopaholic.

half an hour later,i came out with a huge plastic bag full of promotion items..full of satisfaction.

this is my best moment for the with the man.

have a great weekend!!

p.s.what is your best moment of the week?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

from canon 600d: a dinner date at subway

where i wore it to: work and dinner date

we got a notification from subway that they are having a promotion buy one free one today. as the man and i are subway lovers,we decided that we must grab the offer. i love their veggie patty and egg mayo while the man prefer tuna and roast beef. with lot and lot of veggies..and chipotle sauce.

the man even invited a few colleagues to join us for dinner.and all of them are very friendly..even with a few peoples around,i still called it a dinner date..a successful dinner date with lot of laughter.

peplum top: red2
skinnies: giordano

p.s.have you try subway sandwiches?what is your favorite?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

from canon 600d: orangish..

 where i wore it to: office

the man called this dress "orangish"..this is the dress that i got plenty of compliments and i truly love wearing it.i got it few years back during chinese new year and wore it non-stop since then.

singapore sales had started and every shops offering discounts or free gifts.when i passed by my favorite shops, the clothes seem to be calling my name and seducing me to buy them.every dresses seem to be so attractive! i got to control myself...*the man and i are saving money for our wedding*

dress: bysi
earrings: diva
watch: sheen,casio

p.s. do you think you're shopaholic?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

while waiting for my friend to arrive in city hall today,i walked around and looked around..i realized that singapore ladies are very stylish and fashionable.most of them carried peplum top very well.

i got two peplum top as well..and thinking of adding more.the man will crazy if he read this..

how i wish i can own all the peplum above..

thanks pinterest! you own peplum in your wardrobe?

Monday, September 23, 2013

from canon 600d: a skirt over a dress

where i wore it to: office

<a skirt over a dress> i'm proud of myself can think such a great sentence for my post.this casual black dress is one of my favorite but i wore it too often that i wanted a change,so i layered it with a flowery brilliant i am..*proud*

today is a tired day..i had to rush for deadline..but amazingly i don't have any "monday blue".

dress: h&m
skirt: cotton on
necklace: diva you have "monday blue" on monday?i hope no..

Friday, September 20, 2013

best moment of the week

since i don't own a kitchen and my mum is too far from me..sometimes i really miss home-cooked dishes.especially,my mum's cooking.she's a great cook!

but i'm a lucky girl to have a friend who love to cook.she invited me to her house for dinner on wednesday.her dishes were just as amazing as my mum..

this is the best moment i had for this week..home-cooked dishes.

have a great weekend ahead. you love home-cooked food?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

from canon 600d: the weather is too hot for a cardigan

where i wore it to: work

recently i read a lot of fashion blogs about layering.and indeed i have a few cardigans waiting for me in my wardrobe.
i had an idea this morning to wear my little cute black dress with a red cardigan.i felt cute and confident in this outfit..unfortunately recently weather in singapore is too hot for 2 pieces of clothes. i sweated before i reached office..arrgghh..and i hated those sweating moments.

cardigan: h&m
dress: cotton on
necklace & earrings: diva

p.s.happy lantern festival!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

taiwan: ding tai fung restaurant

let me talk about food for a while.i went to taiwan with a group of friends on last june during summer time.taiwan is famous for their food,night markets,friendly locals and breath-taking scenery.once we departed from the flight,our first stop was "ding tai fung" .i often visited singapore branch with the man but since it is originally from taiwan, i got to try it too.

our tour guide sent us to one of the branch and we ordered lot of foods.even ding tai fung specialist in "xiaolongbao" (small steamed buns),but there were lot of varieties to choose.the food and the ingredients were fresh and yummier than singapore.*i'm drooling while typing this*

i'm planning to go taiwan again soon. this country left lot of great memories to me and i can't wait to return again,for their food and shopping spree.

p.s.ding tai fung also has branches in other countries like australia, china, hong kong, japan, thailand, united states etc...have you ever try before? you won't regret it..

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

tuesday inspiration via pinterest

i missed out tuesday inspiration last tuesday..this won't happen again!

for this time, i adore layering..i had lotsa cardigans and sweaters in my wardrobe but i never do much layering.blame the singapore's weather..but since i work in air-conditioning room,i can do more layering. and pinterest gave me a lot of new ideas how to layer without looking bulky yet fashionable.

thanks ya

p.s.don't you think mint color look so cute?

Friday, September 13, 2013

best moment of the week

an apple a day keep the doctor away..this is the best moment of the week.

every night, the man will washed an apple for me to eat before i went off to bed.i was lucky to have him with me daily.

i will be going to malaysia tonight with the man and will back to singapore again on sunday's evening.

have a great weekend ahead.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

from canon 600d: first outing with co-workers

where i wore it to: saturday half day work, shopping with girlfriends

sorry for the awkward pose in these photos..sometimes i just can't get comfortable in front of camera

today is a satisfying co-worker treated me and a few others colleagues for dinner.he got his confirmation letter(with some increments,of course)we never do any outing together but i was glad we did it tonight. it was really fun to talk to them.

cardigan: cotton on(old)
washed denim dress: h&m
*now i only realized that my cardigan's pocket full of used tissues*

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

singapore: chinatown

both of us seldom explore new place together as we only wish to stay in room whole day during us "lazy pigs",we were just too tired. but surprisingly, last sunday we did exploration to chinatown. mooncake festival is around the corner,we wanted to see all the beautiful decoration and snapped a few photos.
colorful and bright lanterns were hang up along the street of chinatown..
as we walked along the street,we came across a few temples.their external designs are so perfect.i just couldn't resisted to snap a few more photos of the buildings..

we spent more than 5 hours in chinatown..the weather was hot and the temperature was high enough to made us sweat.but this was definitely a meaningful sunday!
how was your weekend?
have you being to chinatown?